Corypting rights

Hi everyone, pretty new to this forum here. I have been using Audacity for 4-5 years now, always for non-profit goals. This year will be propably my very first attempt to create something that I will earn some amount of cash from. My question is how is it doing with using audacity here? As I think it is free and open source program, but I’m not expert from law and really can’t find some simply argumentation? Can I just on example paste whole album in Audacity and sell it? With all effects that it includes? Maybe question sounds stupid to You, but I’m kind of careful person. Thanks for answers and cheers

There is no connection between Audacity and your music. An analogy would be writing a novel with Microsoft Word or Open Office. You automatically own the rights to your own creations!

But of course, if you record your version of someone else’s song that’s a different story but it’s not related to the “tools” you use.

As DVDdoug wrote, the “tools” you use do not influence the rights.

However you wrote:

Can I just on example paste whole album in Audacity and sell it? With all effects that it includes?

If it is your album and effects, or you have the full rights to them, then yes, use it, record it, sell it, give it away, …
On the other hand if they are not, using a free and open source program like Audacity, does not mean that
you can now use copyrighted material and sell it.

Again, as DVDdoug wrote, if you make a version (cover) of someone else’s song or audio works, then there are
licensing issues that need to be taken care of with the copyright holder.
This is irrespective as to whether the DAW/audio editor that you use is free and open source or not.

Hi Wojak. No one will ever find a simple explanation that is waterproof because the copyright laws were drafted by lawyers who make money sueing people. Legally.

That said, take a look at this page’_copyright_lengths

Over in LibriVox ( a Public Domain entity) copyright was explained to me thus:
I will be violating copyright if the work is still in copyright under the laws of the Nation where I make the copy.
I hold triple nationality: English, Australian, and Canadian, and the LibriVox servers are in the USA.
I live in Canada.
I record audio tracks in Canada, by reading text from books into a microphone on my laptop.
Because I record tracks in Canada, it is the Canadian laws of copyright term that apply. “Life + 50 years” rather than the USA or Australian or English terms.
As far as I can make out (I am new to LibriVox), volunteer members of LibriVox will avoid managing a project, let alone recording a book, because in order to manage a project you need to download (that is, make a copy) and read the book in order to compare it to the recorded audio. And that download will, of course, take place in the Nation in which you reside, and it will be the the laws of that Nation that govern you.

LibriVox folks have more experience in copyright than ever I want to have.

ChrisGreaves wrote:

I hold triple nationality: English, Australian, and Canadian

Is that one of your hobbies, collecting passports? :smiley:

I only have dual nationality and as it is, it can be a headache with visas and which passport
you leave one country with and enter into another.

As to your point about copyright, you are 100% correct, when in doubt, check and then double check.
Too many lawyers waiting around every corner just waiting for the chance to pounce on you and shake
every last penny/cent/centavo/kopeks (select the ones that apply :smiley: ) from you.

Hi Paul.
One of my reasons for choosing Bonavista as a place to which to retire to read books and listen to music is that the nearest lawyer is ninety minutes drive away. They want me, they can come and get me. If they can get through the snow.

That said, My real concern with nice entities like LibriVox is that if I do screw up with copyright, it is LibriVox who will shoulder the bad publicity with all attendant penalties (My only possession is a Mortgage). There are a grillion Public Doma1n books well out of copyright, so there is no need for me to take a risk on a borderline case. LibriVox have been active for 17(?) years, and I reckon that they, much more than I, know what they are talking about.

Hi Chris,

That sounds like an ideal place.
I can imagine that the odd bear, coyote or mountain lion (cougar ??) will add to the deterrent.

Hi guys, thanks for help. I know question sounds stupid, but this will be my first serious time with auda and I’m bit paranoid

Well, I got it wrong, a point was something different. I meant creating something in audacity from almost 0, just with addons that It has after installing like reverb, paulstretch and similar ones. I know that I can freely use everything I buy, including addons etc, but in fact audacity is full free, thats why I’m doubt that is so simple :confused:

Hi Wojak,

I think I understand what you mean.
All I can tell you is (and others please chirp in with your thoughts), have used Audacity for years for both personal and commercial projects.
Used both free and paid for plugins (add-ons) and have never come across one plugin that states that it cannot be used for any type of project.