Corrupted Chruch Bell Audio File? Need Help

I am having an issue with several audio files. I am reviving a electronic bell tower for a church, and i pulled the music off their old system from 2009. all of the songs from this system have weird spikes that are equally spaced. when playing it has a split second static noise. can anyone tell me how to fix for 300+ audio files? thanks

when you zoom in on the spikes its a bunch of squiggly lines

the files were raw data, so i could not play on a regular audio player until i compressed. the raw audio also has the artifacts.

You can TRY the Repair or Click Removal effects. Or MAYBE try software made for cleaning-up digitized vinyl. (I have Wave Repair and Wave Corrector.)

Or find some new recordings. Or get some MIDI software and a MIDI keyboard (and a musician if you aren’t one) and make your own. If this is for a church there’s a good chance that you’ve already got someone who can do that.

If you are not familiar with MIDI, it uses virtual instruments (software) so you can play bells, or a trumpet, or whatever. You can render to as a regular audio file (WAV, etc.).

You can save as WAV or FLAC. Avoid lossy compression (MP3, etc.) for editing. If you want/need a lossy format, compress ONCE as the last step.