Corrupt WAV files HELP!!!

I uninstalled FL studio. I made sure to save my FL project files, but I guess I somehow deleted my “recorded” files. (wav files of vocals/drums/etc…) I used recovery software “EaseUs” to recover everything but it appears all of my recorded wav files are corrupted. I have been trying using Audacity’s “raw data” function with no progress. I feel like I’ve tried every “Hz/bit offset/encoding” combination, only awarding me different kinds of glitch static overdrive white noise. The glitchy weird noise makes me think the information is there, I just can’t get to it. I haven’t tried hex editing because it’s over my head and I’m not sure it’s necessary. I’m attaching a dropbox link to a random wav file from one of my projects. If anybody can figure out a way to get this to work and help me I would be eternally grateful. If not, I’ve lost about four months of work. Thanks.

I uninstalled FL studio.

Does FL Studio have a help forum?


They do but I can’t seem to find help there. But regardless, I see my wav files outside of FL and they won’t play. I’m pretty sure FL can locate them but it can’t import them because they are corrupt or something.

I don’t think we can help you either. I don’t see anything in that file that can be recovered.

Well does anyone know of another program I can try or avenue I can go down? Another forum that could help? I mean, can you tell that the file is not at all recoverable in any scenario or are you saying it’s just that Audacity can’t help me?

The file you posted looks that way to me.

I’m not optoistic about your chances, but you could try other data recovery programs to see if you can recover more meaningful data from the drive.
I’ve had some success (and some failures) with Recuva (free version) in the past (