Corrupt Wav File Repair

Hello every one. I am new to this forum and i have searched my problem and couldnt find any solutions. So i am creating this new topic.
Coming to my problem, I have recorded a meeting using a Voice recording software via my mobile. But unfortunately, it got corrupted and not playing. So I used the Audacity Software. The file was of 2hours duration and 279MB. I have imported the corrupted file as Raw and given the following
Encoding Signed 16bit PCM
Byte order Little Endian
Channels 1 Channel mono
Offset 0 bytes
Amount to import 100%
Sample rate at first it was default 44100 ( Out put was soo fast, like chumpkins voice :slight_smile: ), later got down to 21000( Our voices are good but a very very slow version of our voices are overlapping with it :unamused: ) .
I am very new to this software and also this sound terms. So someone please help me because that recording is very important for me.

Thank you verymuch in advance


I don’t think you gave all information needed to understand the issue.
What voice recording software did you use?
What mobile, what settings?
Did your mobile had enough free memory to store the recording?
Maybe your mobile’s ram memory was full after a so big recording task so the audio went corrupted
Could you please post a small sample?

Thank you for the response.
I have used Tape-a-Talk Android app in my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile.
My mobile has 10 GB free memory of USB storage, And 300MB of RAM is free (Think this might be the problem)
How can I post a small sample??

From a quick check on Android App there seem to be too many people complaining regarding the inability to play the recordings back. Some people appear to be happy maybe it’s something about phone compatibility or maybe they’re fanbois :mrgreen:

My mobile has 10 GB free memory of USB storage, And 300MB of RAM is free (Think this might be the problem)

From software description says it stores the recording in the memory card so it should be plenty enough.

How can I post a small sample??

Import the audio in Audacity, “cut” a small portion and export it then you replay to the post and see there’s the option to “upload the attachment”. I think the file shouldn’t be bigger than 400Kb.
But if I was you, I would drop that software and let others test and struggle with it. Otherwise you should first do a sample recording so to be ready for something more important.

Hi, your thread helped me a lot. So I guess I would help you back.

For those who got screwed by Tape-a-Talk, follow the instructions given above, except for Sampling Rate, put it as 16000Hz. As 16000Hz is the default used by Tape-a-Talk.