Correcting'boom-ey' vocals on live recording

A friend’s band - Sleeping Dogs: check out their Facebook page - recorded a recent gig and the sound’s pretty good except for the vocals, which sound like they’re coming from the bottom of a well. Any tips / suggestions to improve them? We’re looking to use the tracks as demos/marketing material.

I’m a newbie on this forum - can I upload samples for people to check?

The “bottom of a well” description sounds like too much reverberation,
there are allegedly dereverberation effects, but it’s usually incurable.

Yes but I think the attachment limit is 1Mb, which is only about 10seconds in FLAC format …

Thanks. Try this to see what I mean.

That’s roomy not boomey. You can alter the stereo image so it sounds more mono, e.g. …

i.e. Mix the original track with a copy which has been mono-ized*, by adjusting the ratio of these two versions
you can control the roomyness somewhat, but it won’t kill the reverberation.

That’s great, thanks very much Trebor.

Very grateful