Correcting skips in downloaded music

I use LimeWire in Windows XP to download music. Then I play it back in Windows Media Player 11. Sometimes I get minor skips in the music. I delete and repeat the downloading from a different host. I still get the skip in the same area of song as the previous download. Now using Audacity, how do I correct a skip in a music file?

I use LimeWire in Windows XP to download music. How do I add length to songs I prefer to be longer? Example: Import song to Audacity and then blend/add a portion of song again to add length, making a smooth and undetectable splice? I don’t know the exact phrase to describe this technic, but I remember doing it with a reel to reel tape deck on a home stereo system where I would record a song and then copy a portion of original song and add it to a spot towards the end of same song and blend as best I could so as not to hear the skip or click where the add on was spliced. Can this be done in Audacity?

A “skip” in the music when you play back in Windows Media player is not necessarily due to the file being faulty - it could be that Windows Media Player is making the skip rather than the file.

To test this, Import the file into a new Audacity project (note that Audacity does not support all audio formats - MP3’s and WAV’s are usually OK). Play the file, and if it skips, zoom in close on the waveform at the point where the skip is. If you see that there is a region where the waveform goes flat-line, then the file is faulty.

Assuming that it is a faulty file, you may be able to patch the affected area by duplicating a similar bit of audio onto a second track, then cross fade from one track to the other and back again.

For instruction on basic editing techniques, look at the tutorials in the Audacity wiki (link at top of page).

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In Audacity 1.3.6 there is are effects called “cross fade in” and “cross fade out” that can help to make the join seamless. Alternatively you can use the Envelope tool to manually create the cross-fade .