correcting latency of recorded tracks

I am new to recording, I have Audacity 2.1.2 my laptop is a gateway with windows 10 os. I have made a few recordings that I use successfully, I am trying to record multi tracks. so far everything seems to be working fine. but my latest venture has 5 tracks and I am noticing in my play back that there is a bit of latency going on. not real bad but I hear it. my question is can I correct the latency now that I have my tracks recorded and how do I do it?. On another note. when I want to eliminate space (which is noisy ) before the track starts, I’m finding it difficult to time shift the track back where it needs to be. I hope I’m being clear about this. this could also fall into the latency issue. would love any help. I’m not rushed to get things done , I am liking the learning curve and want more. Thanks in advance.

Sooner and Later timing can be changed with the Time Shift Tool (two black sideways arrows). Select that tool, click in track 2 and push sideways. Track 1 is your main timing track, right? It’s the one you’re building everything else on top of. You should not shift track 1.

You almost told us what you were recording. I’ll assume a microphone.

Play your timing track into your headphones in Overdub and jam them next to your microphone.

Your latency correction is measured as the different between track one and this new track. Measure that and put the difference in the latency correction setting so you never have to do this again.

Audacity > Edit > Preference > Recording > Latency correction.

Add or subtract your new number to the setting already there. No I don’t know which way to go. Try it and see if the latency got worse. This dance is a lot easier with the Click Track rather than drums or other rhythm reference.

Bad latency setting. Live recording is on the bottom. It’s a stereo (two blue waves) sound mixer.