Correcting files processed with noise reduction


I failed the ACX submission. :astonished:

It said The submitted files have been heavily processed with noise reduction

I just wonder is there a way to correct the damage?

Thanks :laughing:

Not in the way you think.

Go back to the original capture WAV (Microsoft) files and do the submission processing again. We can help with that. There are some gentle settings that can be remarkably effective in pushing you just over the edge. You do have those files, right?

New Readers make two common errors: They work in MP3 because ACX submission is in MP3 and not save the Original Capture work. Do everything in WAV (Microsoft) until the actual submission and then convert to MP3 just before pushing it off to ACX.

We can’t take processing out of a sound file. It’s the reason we tell people to submit to forum inspection before they change anything. Shoot, cut and submit. To borrow an old TV show phrase, “Don’t help us.”

It is always possible to beat up your production with leather truncheon until it passes ACX technical submission testing; it just won’t sound very good. And that process just gets you as far as Human Quality Control who is going to take one look at the black and blue marks and fail the show for overprocessing.


Hi Koz
thanks for replying!
the original capture WAV file - you mean the original file? Do I save it as wav and upload it as wav?

Did you double post this question? I’m getting confused posting keys.

you mean the original file?

I mean when you were reading into the microphone. That work should have been exported as WAV (Microsoft) and saved as the “capture master.” That means unless hot rocks fall from the sky, you will probably never have to read that work again. Editing, corrections, noise reduction, etc, all happen on copies of those files. Waaaaay down at the end of the process, you convert to MP3 for submission to ACX.

Having those originals is not an automatic pass, however. If there’s no graceful way to get between what you got and ACX compliance, then yes, you may need to correct your studio and read it again.

you mean the original file? Do I save it as wav and upload it as wav?

Those English words in that order could mean trouble. Did you save as Audacity Projects as you read? You can do that, but Projects are more brittle than plain WAV files and Projects will only open in Audacity.

Is that what you did?


In an effort to make this as confusing as possible, no matter which original filetype you have, Drag-Select 20 seconds of mono (one blue wave) or 10 seconds of stereo (two blue waves), File > Export Selected as WAV (Microsoft) and post it here on the forum. Pick a generic portion of the reading. It should be enough to give us a good idea what you sound like. If possible, include at least one good pause.

Scroll down from one of these forum text windows > Upload attachment > Browse.

The forum will complain if you do something wrong. Remember, we’re not interesting in your corrections or processing. We need your clean reading.


You can’t post a whole chapter or major segment. It will be too big. So you have to cut it down.

You can read a fresh, custom clip for the forum. You can do that.

This is the generic test clip that can tell us how to process your work.


I have the original Audacity project. Do I resave as wav?

Can I do anything to remove the impact from the noise reduction?

Can I do anything to remove the impact from the noise reduction?

In a word, no. I’m trying really, really hard to get you to tell us if you have any of the reading before you applied any noise reduction or effects to it.

Again, I think third time, we can’t take effects, corrections or reduction out of a show. If you don’t have the show between the time you read and the time you corrected it, then you’ll be reading it again.

My new goal is to listen to the work, any work, right after you read. It’s possible the reading is ratty enough that you can’t save it in post production. In that case, you need to change your studio before you read an entire book.

Do you still have your microphone set up? Can you record a short test? Press record, speak normally for about ten seconds and stop. Doesn’t matter what the words are. Read the newspaper or cereal box. Export Audio > WAV (Microsoft) and post the clip on the forum.


Instructions for posting an audio sample to the forum: