Correcting drum hits: Copy / paste sections moved in time

I found a good way to fix out of time drum hits. If say I have a late drum hit, (compared to a click track), I select a little before the hit to just before the next hit, ctrl+c to copy then painstakingly move the selection to the left keeping the exact same length, then paste when I am at the corrected point in time. However, moving the section is tedious, you have to either use key strokes to move the start and the end of the clip, or drag them close to where you want and then fine tune with key strokes or data time input. Is there (could there be) a way to maintain the selection length and just drag it with a key modifier?

In the Selection Toolbar, set the selection type chooser to “Start and Length of selection” (see:

You can then just type in the start time of the selection, and the selection duration remains the same.