Correcting Acoustics for "Tin- can Effect"

Audacity 2.4.2 Windows 10 64

I have learned my way through about 40 LP transfers. Wow what a program!

One problem i haven’t been able to fix is the reverberation on some European recordings by Everest/Cetra from the 1950s. Reverb may be a bad description. It sounds like the recording may have been made in a theater or a large studio with no means of damping the sound. It is worse when only one person is singing and is not too bad when the orchestra is playing or a group are singing.

My description may be too nebulous to tell what it going on or the problem may not be fixable. Thank you for any help

There are de-reverb plugins …
but IMO the artefacts they create would ruin a musical performance: more harm than good.

Thank you!