Copying music from Cassette Tape to lap top using EZ

I can copy from my LP’s using EZ vinyl/tape converter and an ION profile pro usb turntable with input. Having built up confidence I’ve now bought a cable ~ phono socket → 3.5mm jack plug. I’ve connected phono sockets to the cable from the cassette player and inserted the jack plug in the back of the ION record player. Using EZ no signal reaches the laptop. As I’m not an audio person, (I’m barely computer literate) I’m daunted by all the controls on the Audacity programme.
I cannot find which Audacity or EZ version I have. I have visited to download the latest EZ converter
My Equipment is
ION Profile Pro LP de luxe USB turntable N65HF no (21) N 3090511110418. May 2009. Purchased 25/10/2009
Twin Cassette player is Akai model HX-M313W.
My operating programme is Windows 7
When I have conquered the cassettes I’ll start on my 78’s - (probably with a whisky in hand.)
Thank you for your help.

We cannot help you with EZ software, only with Audacity. But you have given us good information to go on, thank you for that.

As it says in the pink panel at the top of this page, you can find your Audacity version at Help > About Audacity… . The Help menu is top right of Audacity. The latest Audacity download (2.1.1 but soon to be 2.1.2) is here:

The idea is that the USB cable takes the record player output (either a record, or the signal from a standard cassette deck connected to line-in of the USB turntable) to the recording application (Audacity or EZ).

Having made sure you have the latest Audacity (see above), you connect the USB cable to the computer, wait for Windows to recognise the turntable, then start up Audacity. In Audacity, look in Device Toolbar. In the recording device box, choose the USB audio CODEC for the turntable. In the playback device box, choose your computer speakers as playback device.

You will probably also have to set Windows to make the turntable a stereo recording device. See the green box here

This Tutorial should answer most of your questions:
Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual.

And see this about recording 78’s Recording 78rpm records - Audacity Manual.


Thanks. I’ll give it a go.