Copying labels

Hi - I’m trying to append a second Audacity project to my first. Both have labels, but when I cut and paste the second project onto the end of the first, the labels don’t come across. Is there any way I can do this? I need the label times to automatically reset to the new times in the concatenated project. I’m working with abstracting Oral History and Interviewing files.

OH Researcher

I don’t think that can be done, at least not directly, because labels use absolute time positions (each label marker has its position defined relative to time=0.0).
A label track may be copied from one project to another, but it will start at time=0.0 and not from the end point of the previous track (there is no end point to label tracks).

There are possibly some workarounds, but why do you need to concatenate the two projects? The simplest solution would be to keep it as two projects, or is there some reason why that is not practical?

Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply The reason I want to concatenate files is because I’m doing lots of interviewing with one person and may want to cut and paste related topics from one conversation to another, and then create a written index of the conversation with the offsets into the resultant audio files for quick reference. However, I did figure out a work around which is to extract the labels into Excel, get it to add on the amount of time that the first file took up to all the labels from the second file, and then reimport the amended label values back into the concatenated file.

However - this leads to my next issue - the timeline display - but I will make a new post for that.

OH Researcher