Copying Audio from one track to the track below


Prior to 3.4 I used to be able to highlight audio in a track, copy it with Ctrl-C, then hold shift and arrow down (which selected the same spot in the track below), and then Ctrl-V to paste the audio from the top track to the track below. This no longer works. When I get to Ctrl-V, it makes a clip in the top track and the track below is not changed.

Can anyone help with this?



Well, you said it works in 3.3.3 - so that is the solution for now. Come back when 3.4.2 is released. Old Audacity versions download

This issue has been reported to the developers here where you can track it: Simple Copy Paste to Track Below Fails · Issue #5593 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Thanks Jademan!

@LWinterberg said, “Copying and pasting has been simplified for this release. When you copy something, a “stack” is created and when pasting, this stack is inserted into the selected tracks. When the stack runs out of content, any additional selected tracks are kept blank. In this case, the clip is pasted into Audio 2 (overwriting the content the selection in that track).”

In this case, “the first track is selected so the content is pasted into the first track first.”

So, for me, after doing the Ctrl+C, I can move the cursor just below the first track to where the yellow line appears:
(simulated cursor)

then Ctrl+V and all is perfectly aligned:

Thanks for the update.

I know you can’t design around one person, but I have had a Macro that has worked well for me when editing audio for various webinars.

I keep the original audio track above a track that has been processed with several different effects. As I listen to the processed track, there may be a spot where I need to pull audio from the original track. So, what I do is highlight the audio in the original track and then execute a Macro using a single keyboard shortcut. The macro looks like this:

  1. ZeroCross:
  2. Copy:
  3. ShiftDown:
  4. Paste:
  5. CursorLeft:
  6. CursorShortJumpLeft:
  7. PlayAtSpeedLooped:

Basically, it copies the audio down from the original and then jumps back and begins playing again so I can hear what I just did with the edit. I tried some other options for the Macro under Ver 3.4 but can’t find anything that will do what it did before Ver 3.4.

Any suggestions that I’m missing that would allow my Macro to work under 3.4? Thanks.


So I am not good at Macros, but you could try surrounding Paste command with Move Focused Track Up and Move Focused Track Down.