Copying a sentence 5X including a silence between each

I’m a beginning user of Audacity, I have a couple of questions: Here’s what I need to do. I have a monaural track that I want to repeat several times. I’ve figured out how to do the repeats but what I need is to put a short period of silence between each instance of the repeats like so: (Spanish sentence) (space)( Spanish sentence)(space)( Spanish sentence)(space) etc, etc.
I found out how to move the repeats themselves forward about 2 seconds from the beginning of the track using the “time shift” tool and that would be an ideal space that I need between them but when I try selecting the whole sound byte including the 2 second space I’ve put at the front of the track using the repeat tool, I only get the sound clip itself to repeat. Also, I need know how to separate those repeated clips to insert a 2 second silence between each of them. I can’t figure out when I put the selection tool on the vertical line between each sentence how to free up any space. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Click where you want to insert silence on the continuous track. Generate > Silence: 2 seconds > OK.


You can build one Voice and Silence. Drag-Select it > Copy.

End > Paste > End > Paste > End > Paste.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 19.42.35.png
You’ll need the screen Zoom shortcut Control-F (Zoom Full) to see the whole thing.

Repeat as needed.


Probably the quickest way is to select the audio, plus the amount of silence that you require, like this:

Then use the “Repeat” effect (Repeat - Audacity Manual)

Thanks so much you guys. As usual, quick and well explained replies.
Just as an aside: I want to really thank you guys on this Forum. Here’s the deal. First off, I’m 80 years old, so some of this technical stuff doesn’t some quite so easily or quickly as it did 50 or 60 years ago. As I mentioned, I’m newbie to Audacity so it’s been a bit overwhelming at first. Some other Forums and message boards I’ve used over the last several years have been abrupt and critical in answering beginners’ questions. Kind of off-putting to say the least (and I’m talking about paid subscriptions). I just want of commend you folks on the quality and clarity of your responses.
Thanks again in all sincerity.

Glad to help.

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