Copy selection to new file


I’m an trying to write a very simple script. It was working previously, but for some reason has stopped working. I am on PopOS (Ubuntu, more or less) 20.10. The script has three steps:

  1. copy
  2. new
  3. paste

This script worked previously but now no longer works. It copies and creates a new file, but the paste doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas?


“New” creates a new project, but macro scripts can only act on the current project.
If you intend to paste to a new track, try this:



Thanks. I don’t want a new track. I want it in a different project or file. This used to work. Is there no way to copy the selection of a new project/file?

Not with a macro, and as far as I’m aware that has never been possible in Audacity. Why would you want to do that?

I used it all the time. Every other audio editing software I’ve used had this as a built-in key command. This macro actually previously worked fine in Audacity. It stopped working in one of the more recent updates.


I must be misunderstanding what you mean, because Audacity has never had that ability and I’ve never seen it in any other audio software.

If you have three projects open, (let’s call them “A, B, and C”) and you run the macro in project “A”, what exactly “should” happen?