Copy & paste with overlay rather than insert.

Hi, I am trying to copy and paste a count in which is in a drum track to the front of a guitar track. When I do the paste it inserts rather than overlays. In other words it pushes the guitar track back throwing it out of time. Is there a way to paste with overlay rather than insert. It would surprise me if Audacity can’t do this. I am thinking I am doing something wrong. I tried the keyboard insert key :slight_smile: No luck.


I think I figured out a sneaky way around it.

I duplicated the drum track.
I erased the drum track copy leaving as much of the count in as I wanted.
I copied and paste the guitar track into the new track after the count in.
Lining this up was not too hard as it seems to leave a kind of marker in that new track which I could use to get it very accurate.
Now I am trying to get rid of that marker :slight_smile:

“Tracks menu > Add New > (mono / stereo) track”
Then paste to the new track.
Use the Time Shift Tool if necessary to slide the pasted clip left / right to the exact location required if necessary.

Thanks for the answer Steve :slight_smile: I got what you suggested to work. I additionally set a marker to exactly where I wanted to copy from the two tracks and because the vertical line snaps to the marker location it copied the before marker and after marker absolutely perfectly such that I did not need to use the time shift tool. I think that is a better way to do it. I think if I do this again I will step by step document it and paste it into this post. Having said that I had another one where I wanted to paste a corrected note into the middle area of a track. Here I inserted two markers and had to delete the part of the track that was pushed back when I did the insert. If you ever have the time and it is not too difficult to add a new (paste overlay feature) that would save the work of having to do this.

I was a while answering back because I don’t get email notices and I had the need for it again so I came back to read what I did before :slight_smile: I will see if I can figure that one out.

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Hi Steve, I actually got the post you just sent. I did it by doing the 4 steps I show in the attached png picture (I forgot to put #5 click the submit button). I was a bit slow in realizing I was not getting emails and finding this solution :smiley:


It’s not as obvious as I’d like it to be, but we don’t make the forum software.

Yes, I understand.

Getting back to the topic. I watched this video and realized I do not need to use cumbersome copy/paste and snap to label markers to fix a bad note in an otherwise good performance. I typed it up for members of my jam group.

In addition to what you will find in those youtube videos here is how I fixed 1 bad note in an otherwise good recording.
**Highlight the bad note then click (edit, remove special, silence audio) to remove the bad note.
**click on the track where you want to run up to your replacement note then press shift+R to start recording on a new track. Play the note to replace the note you removed.
**Highlight both tracks by pressing and holding the shift key and clicking on the left area of both tracks just below that down arrow.
**Once you are sure both tracks are highlighted click (tracks, mix, mix and render to a new track). It will have merged them in perfect alignment.
**Test your new merged track. If it is good remove the unwanted tracks by clicking the X for the tracks (extreme top left of the track).