Copy and Paste are not working

I am using audacity on two windows 10 computers. Both with 2.3.3 versions. Once computer, the copy and paste work perfectly and the other I cannot get the copy and paste to function correctly. I go through the exact same steps, but nothing. Is there a setting that enables that function that I am overlooking? I have compared settings on both computers and they seem to be very close. I am doing an audio book project and reading the pdf off the larger laptop and recording on a smaller laptop. I could send the audio file to the larger laptop, but surely there must be something I am overlooking. :unamused:

What are those steps?

I highlight the audio that I want to copy and paste. Go to edit menu, select copy. Open the file that I want to move audio to. Move cursur to where I want to add audio track. Edit menu again, select paste and nothing happens. Yesterday, I tried the cut option and permanently lost the file I had cut so I could paste. I am doing this with Audacity project files trying to do a complete track with various segments of other tracks.

Have I got this right:

  1. You have two audio files
  2. You want to copy part of one file into the other file

If so, then the best way to do it is to Import both files into the same project, edit as necessary, then Export your finished masterpiece.

I suppose that system that you suggested would work, but it seems like it is a work around option. Still does not explain why my copy and paste are not functioning. I have went over the manual instructions many times and do it exactly as it shows and nothing. I would prefer to have that function working properly if possible. Thanks

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