Copy a karaoke from utube to audicity

Ok I have tried everything I’ve seen on utube for audicity to copy a utube karaoke, and it does not work?
Do i have to belong to the karaoke site or what. I have spent 8-10 hours trying to get this to work ?
my wife is about to ban me from my project. Any help would be appreciated. I can’t seem to get the loop in working???

Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer

If you are on Windows choose “(loopback)” from the device you’re listening to (usually your regular soundcard) as your Recording Device.

You may be attempting the impossible.
With Audacity alone it’s not possible to record YouTube and you singing at the same time.
You need to do it in two stages:
#1. Record the audio from YouTube into Audacity to create the backing track.
#2. then switch over to recording from the microphone to sing along with that backing track playing in Audacity.

I’m not trying to sing and record at the same time. I’m just trying to record so I can adds voice track and guitar tracks later.

I’m on Windows computer: WASAPI and speaker’s-loopback does it for me …

recording YouTube audio with Audcaity

NB: WASAPI method will only begin to record when there is audio to record: it won’t record true silence.

Set Recording to Stereo mix and 2(Stereo} recording channels

Don’t forget to and if you want to record another track Mute the first one , When finished switch back to previous settings there is More karaoke on Spotify

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