Converting WMV files from pamela in stereo

Does anyone know of the Windows Movie File format (.wmv) recorded from pamela (a recorder for skype) records in stereo with different tracks for different voices in the same way that pamela’s mp3 recordings split the voices?

If so, do have any advice or a software recommendation on how to convert it to mp3 while keeping the different tracks so that I can edit them?

I have interviews recorded in Pamela in wmv format but I really need them in mp3 with seperate tracks so that I can edit those tracks.


We don’t make Pamela. You can ask at .

Can you not play the WMV files in Windows Media Player and listen to them to find out? Are these WMV files actual video recordings?

If you install FFmpeg then you can drag the WMV files into Audacity and Audacity will extract the audio from the files for you to edit. If you want to export that audio as MP3 you can do that by adding LAME to your computer.


Thanks you. I will try FFMPEG. I do use LAme with Audacity now.