Converting WAV to MP3

I have searched the posts and haven’t found what I’m looking for. I’m pretty dense about this stuff so please be kind. I have been using Audacity to convert my vinyl and cassettes to CDs. They forced an iPhone on me at work. Yes, forced since I was happy with my flip phone but my new job requires the new phone. Sigh, Anyway, If they are going to make me carry the thing, I would like to have some music on it to listen to at work. So here’s where you kind folks come in. I know I have to convert the WAV files to MP3. What is a good tool to convert several files at a time? I’ve tried downloading LAME with no success. I don’t know where it went but it wasn’t here as near as I can tell. Idiot proof suggestions and steps would be most appreciated. Here are the system specs.

AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 4450e 2.3GHz
3.0 GB RAM
32 bit operating system
Windows VISTA Home Premium SP2
221 GB Disk with 66.5 GB free

Make sure you’ve downloaded the file [u]Lame v3.99.3 for Windows.exe[/u] , and run that program to install the Aucacity version of LAME. Then, you should be able to export as MP3.

Or, try [u]TAudioConverter[/u]. It can convert to/from many different formats (including MP3), and it can convert multiple files at the same time. Once you’re set-up, it’s just drag-and-drop.

TAudio works great to get to MP3. Tomorrow I will work on getting it to the iPhone. Thank you so very much.


I know I have to convert the WAV files to MP3.

Where did you hear that? My Apple machines play WAV files just ducky. You’ll get a lot more music on the i[something] in MP3, but I don’t think that’s a requirement. I have WAV audio test files on my Apple Touch(s), iPod, MacBook Pro(s) Minis etc. No iPhone, sorry.


A Touch is an iPhone without the dial tone.


There are many options. When I was on Windows I used to like LameDropXPd

Another possibility is Foobar2000. This is very easy to download and install, so may be your best option. It is a very good lightweight audio player that also has the ability of batch converting files to many formats including MP3 (and several other useful features: