Converting wav to mp3


A while ago I created a copy of my CD collection in wav format.

My new car only plays mp3 format, so I am copying various albums into mp3 format using audacity.

This seems to work ok but maybe there is a quicker way.

I am having to convert one album (one file folder) at a time and using export multiple, I am putting the mp3 output audacity creates onto a new memory stick.

Firstly I presume it is only possible to convert one album at a time.

Secondly, when I convert an album that has multiple artists, audacity gets some of the metadata wrong.

What is does is asume that the artists name of the last song on the album is the artists name for each track.

This is obviously wrong.

I’m not too bothered about this, but it is very annoying.

Any suggestions?



Audacity has a batch processor called Chains.


This is because Audacity is not yet able to store metadata for each track. The metadata stored will be that for the last track imported.

If you use Chains as suggested by Koz, this will avoid the metadata problem.

Chains can only operate on files that are in one folder, not look in folders inside a given folder. So if you want to process more than one album at a time, put the songs for all the albums in one folder.


I’d suggest you re-rip the CDs (to MP3 this time). Your ripping program should get the metadata from an online database (for most CDs) and that’s probably the easiest way to handle it.

Or, [u]TAudioConverter[/u] can EASILY batch-convert your WAVs to MP3. Once you get the MP3 settings configured, it’s just drag, drop, and click. But, since metadata for WAVs is not well standardized, you may not get the metadata.

If I just need to add or edit the metadata I use [u]MP3tag[/u].

Using a batch WAV to MP3 converter will be much quicker than Audacity.

But if you want to apply specific effects to the files while you convert them, you might still prefer to use Chains.