Converting using audacity

Morning am simon from South Africa i need help about the software is it possible to convert mp3 into midi file by audacity I’ve tried bt it has export option bt midi format its not available to be used . So i just wanted to know what should i do to make midi file occurs if i wanna export audio / mp3 to midi

No it’s not. MIDI is not audio so there is no direct way to convert from audio to MIDI (more about MIDI here: MIDI - Wikipedia)

It is generally considered not possible to convert mp3 to midi. Several years ago, I searched online for such a converter, found a few but was sorely displeased with the results. Chances are good that they have improved vastly since then, but are still probably quite lacking.

Search for “convert mp3 to midi”. Post back if you encounter favorable results. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps. :smiley: