converting to a a certain type

HI I need some help, I am trying to convert an mpe to any of this formats. its for my on line answering service for my work, but no mater what i am trying when i upload the file its keeps telling me i am not useing the correct format here is what it tekks me to use but i do not see this in the program. can you tell me what to do please. use these formats: G711 WAV (8-bit, ulaw / alaw, mono, 8kHz), 16-bit PCM WAV (16-bit, PCM, mono, 16kHz). what do i do?

Thanks for your help


This is the easiest to use - it’s just a normal WAV file and it is the default Export format for Audacity.

The sample rate of the exported file is determined by the Audacity “Project Rate” (bottom left corner of the main Audacity window).
So for 16 bit WAV with a sample rate of 16 kHz:

  • Set the Audacity “Project Rate” to 16000 before you export
  • Select “WAV” (WAV Microsoft signed 16-bit PCM) as the export format.

More information about Exporting here: File Menu: Export - Audacity Manual