Converting my voice memo I tunes files to use on Audacity

I have windows 7. I just downloaded Audacity for Window 2.1 I think it is. When I go to my I phones media files to work with my voice memo files, it says I need to convert them to another type of file to use them. This is very simple stuff. I’m just a teacher. Please don’t go all techie on me

Please walk me through this. Otherwise Audacity won’t work for me.

Audacity versions have three significant numbers. The current one is 2.1.2. If you have any other combination (such as 2.12) then you may have a bogus, unsupported version.

You may wish to install the FFMpeg software add-on so Audacity will manage a much larger variety of sound files than it does normally. Scroll down that same page.


A workaround is to use an online audio-file format-converter. e.g. …
NB: Doing that means sending a copy of your audio across the internet , so not for sensitive information , ( theoretically people could eavesdrop ).