Converting Multiple Files From Mono To Stereo

Am using Mac OS 11.7 Big Sur and Audacity 3.2.1.

I have multiple audio files, each in their own folder. I want to convert each from mono to stereo, add a small amount of reverb, then export back to the original folder(s).

I am struggling using the Macro Manager because some commands I need are not there.

I first read this link, which listed a Macro to convert mono to stereo.

But I cannot figure out how to create a ‘batch script’ outside of the Macro Manager.

So I went to the Macro Manager to create my own steps which are:

Open File, Select All, Duplicate, Make Stereo Track, Effect/Reverb, Export as .ogg, close.

I cannot find ‘Make Stereo Track’ in the Macro Manager. Workarounds, such as Select All, Copy, Remove Track, New Stereo Track, etc. do not seem to be available either.

And finally, can I export back to the same folder that the file was located and replace the existing file?

The workaround is to copy the mono track, then paste it into a “Stereo Track (NewStereoTrack)”,
then apply reverb …

mono2stereo-reverb.txt (204 Bytes)

Alternatively, you can duplicate the mono track, pan one track left and the other track right, then mix and render.
(This way is slightly longer, but useful if you need to apply different effects to each channel).

Thanks for the replies.

I am going to take what you have shown me and apply it.

I appreciate the help.

Any chance that anyone can figure out how to export the file back to its original folder? I am dealing with dozens of folders all identified just by numbers - and it takes quite a while to figure out how to export it back to the right one.

It appears that Audacity just allows to export back to the last folder, or to a default folder. Anyway around this?

Steve wrote a nyquist utility that may do something similar: Legacy macro-output folder