Converting files to WAV and digitizing cassettes

I downloaded this to change my bible classes on podomatic to wav files and dss files from my dictaphone to wav files and audio cassettes to wav files can anyone translate this high tech info for someone just beginning?

As far as I’m aware, you should be able to import DSS files into Audacity if you install FFmpeg according to the instructions here:

Podomatic downloads are probably MP3 format, in which case you should be able to import them into Audacity.

To import files: “File menu > Import > Audio”.

To create a WAV file from the Audacity project, use “File menu > Export Audio” and select “WAV” as the export format (WAV is the default).

See here for more information about importing and exporting audio:
If you don’t need to edit the files you can skip most of that tutorial and just refer to the parts about importing and exporting.

To record from a cassette, see these tutorials:

If the sample DSS files I have are typical, that requires a more recent FFmpeg than FFmpeg 2.2.2 which Audacity supports. The latest Git FFmpeg recognises those DSS files, but not FFmpeg 2.2.2.

If your recorder does not have conversion software you can try Switch on Windows to convert DSS to WAV

Or get one of the DSS lite players here: then record the file into Audacity while it plays on your computer.

DS2 (DSPro) may be encrypted, so may not play except on your recorder. If so and your recorder has a headphones output you could record into Audacity from the headphones of the recorder.