Converting files for For The Record (FTR)

I am needing to convert MP3s to .wav or something that will open up in FTR (for the record). How do I convert in Audacity?

  1. Import the MP3: “File menu > Import > Audio”
  2. Export in WAV format (default): “File menu > Export Audio”

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I converted but unfortunately I still can’t load into my audio program which is FTR or For The Record. This is very, very frustrating.

Does FTR give any indication what the problem is?

Tech support said it’s not the program. It’s the audio and I need to contact my client to send me a different format. However, in the meantime I found a complete stranger in one of my Facebook groups who helped me greatly and figured it out. Problem solved.

Googling, I found this:

For the Record (FTR). First and foremost is that > the FTR recordings are in a proprietary Windows only format. > They look and smell like WAV files …