Converting cassette tape content to digital

I have some cassette tapes that need digitising. I have a small, portable, cassette player with a DC input at one end, connected to a USB plugged into the laptop. At the other end is an AUX socket.

: Where on the laptop do I plug the cable from there? Into the socket for an earphone?
: With Audacity running, what settings should I have for

Audio Host?
Recording Device?
Recording Channels (presumably Mono since music is not involved)?
Playback Device?

On each of the above there are plenty of choices but none obvious to an inexperienced person like myself. Is my little cassette player indeed capable of playing content recordable on a hard drive/my laptop?

I have tried various combinations of the parameters above but there seems to be no sign that anything is being recorded when the cassette is being played and ‘Record’ is active

I seem to have the latest version of Audacity since I downloaded it only recently.

Thank you for any suggestions


What? If your cassette player has USB, plug it into your computer’s USB port.

Or do you have an “adapter cable” with analog input on one end and USB on the other? A “cable” like that has a chip in it and it essentially a soundcard (or half a soundcard for recording only).

A headphone output can go into a line (“aux”) input but it’s not correct for a microphone input.

DC is power, not sound. The USB port can supply power and transfer digital data, including audio data. But the USB probably isn’t powering your cassette player.

You may need to tell us exactly what you have with links to the specs, or whatever you have.

It usually doesn’t make any difference, especially with these little USB devices which use the Microsoft-supplied drivers.

WASAPI is the newest and MME is the oldest. If one doesn’t work you can try another.

One of them should say, “USB… something”.

Mono should be OK unless one person is talking on the left and another on the right, etc., and you want to preserve that.

Your regular computer speakers or headphone, etc. (Don’t select the USB player because sound only goes one way… probably.)

For troubleshooting, Listen To This Device can tell you if Windows is getting a signal.

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Write a model of a cassette player to make the situation clear.

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