Converting analog tape to MP3

I am trying to use Audacity to convert some old analog cassettes to MP3 format. I am not sure I am understanding how to interface the device I will use to insert the audio into Audacity? It is a USB device and should just plug into my Windows PC correct? I then am not sure how to configure Audacity to recognize that input? The videos and instructions all appear to be suggesting that I need to use an audio interface or a microphone? The device I am using is purpose built for this and doesn’t require drivers. Any suggestions on how I should configure the input?

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Yes. You should be able to select the USB device as your Recording Device? (Don’t select anything that says “loopback”).

Assuming you don’t have any other USB audio devices (like a USB headset, etc.) whatever says “USB” should be it.

Not for a USB device.

The Audacity User Manual has all kinds of tutorials and they are usually better and more up-to-date than any “random” videos. But it CAN be a LOT to wade-through…

Right. Virtually all of these things are “class compliant” and they work with the drivers that come with your operating system.

Hey thanks for this quick reply. So I didn’t see USB option under the recording device. However I don’t have the USB device hooked up yet. When I do hook it up I likely should see it as an option under the recording device options ?

Plug it in before you start Audacity.

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