Converting an mp3 from 44100 to 11025

I need to convert mp3 files to 11025 hz so I change the rate to that and set the speed to 270. This makes it sound about right but why is it when I export it as a wav it is still 44100? What is the best way to convert a song to that rate but still sound the same?

Exported sample rate is set with the Project Rate at the lower left of the editing window.


Don’t change the sample rate using the track drop-down menu. That will change the speed of the track. It’s there mostly (I think) for cases where a track was imported at the wrong rate. If you want to change the sample rate of a track but have the speed remain the same use Tracks > Resample.

– Bill

But you still need to change the project rate if you want to Export the file as 11025Hz.
Exported files always use the project sample rate irrespective of the sample rate(s) used in tracks.

If you convert music from 44100Hz to 11025Hz you will lose the high frequencies: it will sound like you are listening via the telephone.
A before-after example attached, (mp3 in zip)
Violin demo ( first at 44100Hz then at 11025 Hz).zip (570 KB)

That’s just downsampling. Then if you recompress into MP3 at 11K, you get the compression artifacts, too…