converting a Wav file to music notation

Will Audacity convert a Wav file into music notation? There appears no mention of this in the manual. There is a U Tube video supposedly showing how this is achieved but it is in a non English lanquage and the picture quality is virtually unreadable. I am using Windows 8.1.
Thanks Ron Bastick

Not that I know of. That’s where MIDI does its thing. Audacity has almost zero MIDI management.

There is an insanely manual way to do it. I think Audacity can tell you the pitch of one, single musical note. It’s up to you to write it down on the staff. Then you analyze the next note. And that’s only manageable assuming one, single-note instrument. I don’t know anybody who can do it to a band.


Whose band or music would you like to do it to?


See Converting from audio formats to MIDI.

Do not expect good results unless it is a single instrument or voice.


And, then you’d probably need another application to convert MIDI to music notation.

This is probably not worth doing… It’s probably easier to find a musician who can do it for you. Or find a musician who can play the song on a MIDI keyboard so you can capture (record) the MIDI information.

If it’s a popular song, you might be able to find a MIDI version online, but if it’s popular you may also be able to find the sheet music.

convert MIDI to music notation.

Cakewalk could do that. Are they still around? I remember being impressed when the program delivered my show in sound files and musical notation.

I also know people who can write directly to MIDI files.

I can’t do that.


Very much still around:

Sibelius make a program called “AudioScore” for converting audio to notation.
Apparently they make a “lite” version, though the only version that I can find available other than as part of an expensive “bundle” is the AudioScore Ultimate (about $180 US).
Note that even though Sibelius are commercial leaders in this field, even they don’t claim that transcription from audio to notation will be completely accurate. Converting from audio to notation is hard to do, especially for polyphonic music.

For free / less expensive options, see the link that Gale posted. Here it is again: