converting a project recorded in mono to stereo [SOLVED]

Running Audacity 2.2.1 on Windows 10 - A lecture was recorded in mono and I need to convert it to a steroe MP3. Can that be done?

It can’t be converted to true stereo because you need at least two audio channels to convey stereo audio, and mono is only one channel.

You can create a fake stereo effect by adding some kind of stereo reverb, or you can create a 2 channel file with the data duplicated into the other channel. Which do you want, and to the point, why do you need stereo?

why do you need stereo?

What he said. A Mono MP3 will play to both sides of your earphones.


The WIX web site will only upload stereo MP3 files

That’s a bit rubbish isn’t it.

OK, so here’s what to do (instructions assume that you have Audacity 2.2.1 and have LAME installed

  1. Import the file into Audacity (File menu > Import > Audio)
  2. Ensure that the track is selected (double click on the waveform if it isn’t).
  3. “Ctrl + D” to duplicate the track (or select “Duplicate” from the Edit menu).
  4. From the dropdown menu of the upper track, select “Make Stereo Track” (
  5. “File menu > Export > Export as MP3” (

Thank you! You saved theday! Worked perfectly