Converting a project file to an MP3

So, I recorded an opening for my future podcast. I want to use this opening for every episode I create. But, when I press “file” and scroll down to "export/mp3, the file doesn’t seem to be saving. When I finally found my mp3s I clicked on the file name and it said, “File not found”. So I should be able to retrieve the mp3 file by using "Import/audio. , but it’s not there… Can anyone help me? Seems like my projects aren’t being converted to MP3.

This is unrelated to your issue - but don’t use MP3 format for this. Instead use .WAV format. Every time you save your audio in MP3 format there is a little accumulated damage - use .WAV format to avoid this.

If you go to File > Recent files it should be able to pick it up (and also show you exactly where it was saved).

Curious. I find it easiest to have Windows show me otherwise hidden file extensions. See here: Common file name extensions in Windows - Microsoft Support

Thank you for your insight!

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