Converting a bunch of short and small *.MP3s to *.WAV files?


Does the portable current 64-bit v3.2.5 have a better way to convert a bunch of short and small *.MP3s to *.WAVs? I tried 5 Ways to Convert MP3 to WAV on Mac or Windows Easily 's method in my old updated, 64-bit W10 Pro PC, but Audacity opens *.MP3 windows and then crashes (not responding). :frowning:

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :slight_smile:

If you’re just converting without editing it’s usually easier to use something like Kabuu Audio Converter. Once you’ve set-up your output format and output location I’s just Click, Drag, and Click and you can convert a batch or folder-full of files at onece.

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Thanks. Bummer that Audacity can’t do that.

Audacity can batch convert WAV files to MP3 (using the “MP3 Conversion” macro). Converting from MP3 to WAV requires making a similar macro but replacing the “ExportMP3” command with “Export as WAV”.

However, programs that are designed specifically for batch conversion will usually be better for that specific task than using a general purpose audio editor.

I think this is for Gnome desktop only but I’m not sure - it may be multi platform . it works great and it’s fast

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