Converting 4400 Hz to 1600 Hz

Hello everyone!

I am new in here. Happy user of Audacity for two years:) I need help with one problem, that is I need to convert a 4400 Hz 16 bit 256kbps Mono into 1600 Hz. Is that possible without destroying the sound (goes much to slow) in the recording?

Rannveig, Iceland.

I have already answered the user by e-mail. I have moved this from “Adding Features” to “Audio Processing”.

Most likely you mean that you recorded in 44100 Hz and you want to export it as 16000 Hz (16-bit). If you export as 1600 Hz it will sound very dull because it will not have frequencies above 800 Hz.

To export as 16000 Hz, change the project rate bottom left of the Audacity screen to 16000 Hz. Do not change the rate using the dropdown menu under the track name because that will change the speed and track length.

Then choose your export format. If you want WAV, that is 16-bit by default. If you are using Audacity 1.2, you can check on the File Formats tab of Preferences whether you are exporting as 16-bit WAV.

If you are using 1.3, choose the Save as type you want when you export. If it doesn’t say 16-bit, click the Options button to make sure the format is set correctly. Most formats will be 16-bit if they don’t say otherwise.