converted movie to audio file...need to remove background no

Okay. Here is the deal. I used a camcorder to record something and I forgot to open the lens cover!!! So, now the video is only good for audio. To make matters worse, the audio has a TON of background noise!!!

I was able to convert the original mp4 file (movie) to a .wav file (audio).
However, when I import to audacity, I can’t get the noise reducing feature to work. Any experts out there willing to help???

At this point I am so frustrated I am willing to send it to someone to fix. PLEASE HELP!!!

I believe I have windows 7. (I am not positive)

Noise reduction works best when you have a small constant background noise. If the noise is bad, there may be nothing you can do. Note that pros still record in soundproof studios with really good equipment because there are limits to what software can do.

If the noise is constant, try the procedure on [u]this page[/u] and feed Audacity a noise profile.

Noise Removal works in two steps unlike many other filters. In the first step you drag-select a section of the show that has noise but no performance, run the tool and make that the profile. Audacity will try to remove all the audio tones in that selection from the show, so if you include voices or instruments by accident, you’re dead.

If the show is so noisy you can’t tell if there are voices or not, then the show is not recoverable.

Then run the tool again on a larger selection of the show and start applying different values of removal until you get the best reduction with the least sound damage. You can’t just go for the least noise, because that will destroy the show, too. It’s a juggling act.