Convert voice recording into ultrasound and then play it?

Hello everyone,

I need to convert a voice recording into ultrasound (near or over 20,000 hz) and then play it, and I was wondering if anyone here could guide me to achieve that.

The reason I want to do this:

I am currently practicing self-hypnosis to cure myself from some nasty stuff I am going through. Self hipnosis is a technique in which a person suggests things to his own subconscious mind, such as: “my body is healing and I will start feeling better”.

Humans are not able to hear ultrasound, but according to some research, the subconscious mind can actually perceive ultrasound and suggestions played this way will have a greater effect.

Does Audacity give me the option to process a voice recording and convert it into ultrasound?? will I be needing special equipment?? if I found a way to convert the voice recording into ultrasound, how should I play the file?? will standard headphones do the job??

Thank’s for your attention, any feedback will be welcome.

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There are a number of ways to proceed with this and it’s not clear from your posting which one of the methods you’re trying to achieve. And even if you do succeed that brings us to:

will standard headphones do the job??

No, they won’t. If you look at the specifications for headphones, they always stop at 20,000 Hz and many of them don’t go up reliably even that far. But it won’t make any difference because most soundcards won’t go up that far.

Then there’s the sample rate. The digital sample rate has to be at least twice the highest pitch tone that you expect to work. Pushing everything audible up to 20,000 means the actual sound is going to go from 20,000 to 40,000 which gives you a new sample rate of 80,000. 96000 is the closest conventional number. If you elect to use one of the modulation systems, it could go up higher yet.

Do you have pets? You could drive them nuts.

Probably the worst problem I can think of is testing. How do you know if your headphones work? Going the other direction you can create some serious damage by putting powerful ultrasonic sound into your ears. You won’t know until your eardrums cook.

There was a joke TV show a while ago where someone stuffed a parrot and a sound player into a closet in order to force the parrot to learn some phrases. Then the player started skipping.

You’re far further ahead getting one of the packaged systems and not trying to force your computer and Audacity to struggle through it.


The scientific evidence for that is extremely flimsy. There have been many studies into this and virtually all of them indicated no significant effect. In comparison, counselling (CBT) has repeatedly been shown to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with “nasty stuff”. However, you can find some information about “silent subliminal” techniques in this topic:

I have seen your post on multiple forums over a couple of years. I am trying to do the same thing you are (convert sound into ultrasound)

If successful, you may be able to use a bat detector to listen to your ultrasound(if you have the ability to transmit-equipment)

Hit me up, would like to talk with you. That’s why I joined forum.


Apart from technical issues, I think this may pose a spiritual threat.
I’d consult a trusted priest before going deeper into this matter :wink:

AFAIK hipnosis in any form can make you an easy target for demons.
And getting rid of possesion is a very difficult and painful experience that can last many years or worse - cause your death (temporal and eternal).
I know one person who’s got this problem currently, and another who had it and is now free.
I don’t wish this kind of trouble to anyone, so I advice being extra cautions, even if you don’t believe in what I’m saying.
The fact that I don’t believe in the deadly effects of drug abuse doesn’t make it any less harmful.

Bless ya!

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