Convert Tapes to CD's.

I am new to what I want to accomplish. I want to transfer music from Reel to Reel stereo tapes, to CD’s via Stereo Tape Recorder to my laptop. I have a Sony C-270 stereo tape recorder with L and R channels (1/8’ outputs), and an Acer Laptop #2480-2196. Questions: 1) What type of connecion(s) do I need to connect my recorder (L & R channels) to my laptop, so I can make CD’s? 2) Once the connection is made what do I have to do to create the CD? Any aditional comments and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

I looked at the web site and they’re not very forthcoming with sound information, so we’ll assume the worst.

You probably need an external sound card, like the UCA-202. That simple card provides one stereo pair both directions.


A lot of Acer laptops have a microphone input mini-jack that also doubles as a line-in connector allowing recording of stereo line-level inputs. They are not usually very good quality sound-cards, and on some Acer laptops they may only be mono microphone inputs, but it’s possible that you may be able to record the tape recorder by using a suitable lead to connect the tape recorder to the audio input socket on the laptop. If that produces a horribly loud and distorted recording, then the input may be for microphone only in which case you will need to use an external sound card. An external sound card is likely to produce better quality recordings even if the laptop’s build in audio input works.

Thanks to both of you for your good advise. I ordered the Behringer UCA-202 audio interface. I am certain this will work. Thanks again!!