Convert Song YTmp3 to Audacity

I am using Audacity 3.1.0 for Windows.

Through the forum, I have asked several questions, and it has been very helpful. Once again I have another question as things keep changing on me.
I go to YTmp3 insert the link and it converts to an mp3 file. Lovely! I also had trouble inserting this file into Audacity and was directed to use Kabuu Conversation. Again Lovely! All was working wonderfully. All apps were loving each other :slight_smile:

I tried again just a few minutes ago to get into YTmp3 and saw a message “DownLoad YTmp3 Version 2.2.1 for android, completely free” - I ignored this.

I tried to paste my link in YTmp3 and was then hit with another message "Download YTmp3 App! Download more Music!, it went on to say various bits of info. See attachment. I never know whether or not I should or shouldn’t download this type of info.

After eventually inserting my link into YTmp3 (because of the message, had trouble pasting the link) it kept spinning and eventually came up with an error message. See attachment.

Unsure why I can’t convert and whether or not I should download… disregard the last statement, I just got fed up and clicked download!!! Probably bad news! Well, what do you know it worked… Hold that thought! No, it’s now telling me it “Failed - Network Error”. Well there you go - I am again not sure what is going on.

Is anyone having this trouble? Thanks to all that help me out. I will go away try a different link, just in case the link is not up to scratch and of course I will try again with my troubled link. Thanks again.
Audacity 2.JPG

Be careful with that site. It’s full of ads, some of which could be dangerous.

You can record whatever audio is playing on your computer with Audacity by choosing [u]WASAPI loopback[/u] as your recording device so you shouldn’t need YTMP3.

… YouTube doesn’t have a download" button because it’s a copyright violation and a violation of YouTube’s rules to copy audio or video from their site.

Thanks you for everybody’s help.

I do know that there are many ads, and my virus protection informs me of the malicious links. Won’t be using it again.

Will also look at WASAP loopback and see what it has to offer.

Thank you again.