convert mp3 format voice recordings to notes

Voice recording/input to printed notes output? I am a singer songwriter and am searching around on the web and a website pointed me to Audacity. That website contained the following information concerning getting a vocal file (non midi) into printed score: "I do know that audacity has the capability to take MP3’s and convert them to notes/timings. You will need the VAMP Plugins that go with it as it is what changes the songs. " Is this statement true? If true is this the basic Audacity version or what is needed to do this to change the mp3 file into notes/timings?

Are there any forums concerning this posted on Audacity website?- I couldn’t find any but maybe I am using the wrong keywords? is there a particle r place to get the Vamp plug ins? If anyone can help I appreciate the help.

The more you can tell me about this the better. I have no problem using Apple Garage Band and exporting to iTunes but from there to the printed notes is the item of question.


That statement is false. A few VAMP plugins may try to do note detection. Not all of them will work in Audacity. For any plugins that do work, each detected note would be a label. The plugins do not make a pretty score for you and do not make a MIDI file which is what you really want to show a score in another application.

See for audio to MIDI applications. It’s probably good to do your own search online too for any new audio to MIDI applications that might have appeared meantime. Don’t expect 100% accuracy, even for a solo line, either in VAMP plugins or in audio to MIDI applications.


okay thanks Gale, you seem to know some things from experience. It sounds like you tried some of these things before (?) I am looking at Sibelius Audioscore Ultimate8 they have a free trial too. Permanent usage is $250. (I assume it is permanent - as long as one’s hard drive is operating.) Do you have any knowledge of this software? What do you use? Some of this software seems to provide hands on changing of notes, key signatures, etc. That is okay with me as long as it gets most of it down I can fine tune the work.

This is the Audacity Forum (about Audacity). I have no personal interest in your quest. For questions about Sibelius software, please ask them.


Sibelius is powerful but expensive and quite complex music notation software. For information and support, please refer to their website: