Convert audio 44,1Khz to 8Khz


I have tried to find the answer in this forum but nothing …

So, my problem is, i try to export an audio record (recorded with iphone) to this :

PCM .wav mono 16 bits – 8KHz – Taille maxi 2 M

I have found the solution for PCM, WAV, 16 bits but not for 8Khz.

When i change the rates to 8khz, the voice is completely low.

How to conserve the audio and changing the rate at the same time ?

Thank you very much… i’m using Audacity 2.1.2


“Project Rate” bottom left of Audacity determines the sample rate of the exported file. Set it to 8000 Hz.

Changing the rate in the track changes the length and speed, so Edit > Undo that.