convert Audacity Wav file (pure audio) upload to YouTube

I’m trying to convert a Wav file (pure audio) to upload to YouTube and am not able. Ideally I’d like to put a photo slide show to the music since there is no Video.

I’ve tried porting the wav file onto Windows Media Maker then to Windows Movie Maker, (successfully saved the Wav file on Windows Movie Maker) but when I try to upload to Youtube, the Youtube says it recognizes the Audacity Wav file only as a ‘Project file’ and not video.

Wondering if there are any work-arounds.

What does YouTube want? All the submissions I’ve ever seen have at least one single still picture frame and park the sound show “behind” it. I don’t think they have any provision for a sound-only submission.

Sound-only YouTube is called SoundCloud.


Once you have the slide-show how you want it in Movie-Maker , select “Publish to this computer” …
Windows Movie Maker.png
Movie Maker will then generate a WMV format movie , which is an acceptable file-format for YouTube.