Convert 440 to 432 hz and export mp3

hi i converted 440 to 432 hz with change pitch its ok but when i want to export to mp3 the sample rate is 44100 hz and i cant change to 432
i have problem with exporting please help

Those two things are unrelated. :wink:

440 or 432Hz is the tuning standard. With normal “Western” music an ‘A’-note is tuned to 440. Eastern/Asian music may use different tuning.

There is a lower-pitch ‘A’ at 220Hz and a higher-pitch A at 880Hz, etc., etc. The tuning standard allows everybody in the band/orchestra to play in-tune with each other. A guitar is easy to re-tune to 432Hz but it takes a professional piano tuner awhile to re-tune a piano. Horns & wind instruments may be impossible to re-tune. You might need special instruments made with different tuning.

Not all music contains all notes, so the song may have a 440Hz ‘A’, or it may not have any ‘A’-notes at all, but usually the instruments are tuned to A=440.

There isn’t normally a note at 432Hz but when you re-tune to 432Hz the pitch of all notes is decreased by about 1.8%. Musical Note Frequencies

The sample rate (kHz) is related to the analog-to-digital conversion (recording) and digital-to-analog conversion (playback). If you play-back at a the wrong (or different) sample rate the pitch and tempo will change but that’s not how pitch-shifting is done, and you’d need an oddball sample rate. Here is a little tutorial about how audio is digitized.

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