control output volume while recording

I know this has been talked about before but I couldn’t find any recent info.

Can I reduce the monitor volume (i.e. the sound I hear during recording) independent of system volume? I can’t find a way of doing it.

I have Blackhole, Background Music installed and am happy to use them to get where I want to be.



Mac M1 RAM 16GB running MacOS v 12.6 Audacity 3.2.1

Should I already know the answer to this?

Help anyone?

Why not use “system volume”?

I’d like to be able to turn down the volume on Audacity independent of the system volume, so that while I’m ripping an LP I can check the recording then listen to something else.

The BackgroundMusic App ( can control other apps but for some reason not Audacity, otherwise I’d do it that way.


My mistake. If I route Audacity into Background music, I can raise and lower the volume!

It would be nice to be able to do this with just Audacity, but at least I can get the result I want.