Contributing to the Wiki

Hey all,

I’m working on a transcription script for Audacity and I have noticed a couple of errors on the Wiki. For one thing, there doesn’t seem to be any way to create an account on the user login page. Is it possible to create an account or is that reserved for certified Audacity team members?

I’m mostly interested in updating and expanding the scripting sections since that is what I am working on at the moment. So who should I contact about getting a wiki account?


Unfortunately we had to close the Audacity wiki to public editing because we didn’t have time to deal with spam, vandalism and misinformation.

Other than account creation being disabled, what were the other errors?

Sounds interesting - what sort of thing?

Other than account creation being disabled, what were the other errors?

Just some things that I noticed while trying to get my script to work. Perhaps “errors” is a strong word.

The scripting page says that “mod-script-pipe is now shipped with Audacity and just needs to be enabled…”. I had to build it from source on Ubuntu. A note on the wiki about the necessity of building it for nix and a link to the compiling Audacity sub would be nice. Or perhaps linking to the mod-script-pipe wiki page which does include a note on building for nix.

The same page under the “Getting Started” subsection could use some more verbose explanations. The one code line do(“Help:”) won’t actually work because the function in is do_command().

I also noticed that calling Scriptables I or II scripts doesn’t work unless you first enable the Extras menu in Audacity manually. That instruction might be somewhere in the wiki, but I didn’t see it.

I can compile a more thorough list for someone else to make the edits if that is more appealing to you.

Sounds interesting - what sort of thing?

To start, some scripting examples would be cool and certainly within my capabilities. I’m working on expanding the capabilities and stability of my transcribing script. I might end up writing a PipeClient subclass based API just to make it easier, so I’ll probably get intimate with the wiki over the next few weeks. Being able to edit the wiki on-the-fly would be nice.

That page is in the manual, which is shipped in our release binaries, but not usually shipped with Linux builds.

We have no control over Linux builds. Typically they don’t include the manual or mod-script-pipe.
In the next Audacity release, mod-script-pipe is built by default, so hopefully that will nudge Linux package maintainers to include it.

I see what you mean. That paragraph in the manual makes no sense at all. Unfortunately we may have missed the boat for the Audacity 2.4.0 release, but I’ve brought it to the attention of the release manager.

That would be helpful initially.

Once Audacity 2.4.0 release is complete, I’ll see if I can get someone to set up a wiki account for you - it’s all a bit hectic right now as we’re so close to the release date.

There are already a few examples here: Macros and Scripting - Audacity Forum
Feel free to add more.

Hi, I’d like the ability to update the wiki, mainly regarding some dead links to be fixed.

For example, this page has a link that is no longer working, I was thinking of adding an archived version from the Wayback Machine as a workaround beside it if that is considered acceptable.

I’d like to try to fix as many links as possible, and if they point to external resources I’d ensure they’re archived before they become permanently dead.

Thanks for the report m-p{3}.

I’ve updated that page.
I expect that most pages about how to make a DIY pop filter are likely to be transitory, and I don’t think that practically minded people will need a how-to guide for pulling a stocking over a hoop, so I’ve added a link to Wikipedia’s page on pop filters and removed the link to the “how to DIY” page.

If you spot more bad links, please quote the exact text of the link. I can then use my web browser search function to instantly find the error, rather than having to test every link on the page.

I don’t have admin access to the wiki, so I can’t make accounts, but if you post proposed changes to the wiki, then I’ll be happy to discus the changes with you, and copy agreed changes to the wiki.

Things are likely to remain hectic for the development team for the next month as there is a plan to make another release in about a month time. Once that is done, if you are still interested in contributing to the wiki, then I’ll see if I can find someone to create an account for you.

Thanks, I’ll keep the offer in mind, if if find anything else that is broken I’ll report it.

So… I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but, I’d also like to contribute to the wiki.

I’m newly-registered on this forum, although I’ve used Audacity for the occasional odd job in the past. I didn’t usually have much call for audio work (I’m a sysadmin by trade). But I’m now helped a very good friend set-up a mini home recording studio, so had sudden call to become more familiar. In particular, I rebuilt from source on Windows, and I think I could add a lot of practical advice to that topic. I’ve also spotted a number of small out-of-date bits on various pages.

I imagine you’d be hesitant to just grant an account to a total stranger, so, I can offer a couple things.

  1. I’ve been editing on Wikipedia since 2005. Please check my edit history there to see my work.
  2. I’m willing to do an offline edit of the Building On Windows page and submit it for review, as a chance to demonstrate what I can bring to the cause.

I’m a big believer in the wiki way and the power of community editing, so this seems like a way I can contribute to a project I’m normally not able to help.

Please let me know what you all think.


Hi Ben,

  1. Your link is incorrect. Which wiki page are you referring to?
  2. Have you built the latest development source on Windows?
  1. D’oh. That was supposed to be

  2. I most recently built 2.4.2 from source (with ASIO patch), but I can certainly try to document the process for the latest development code, too.

There are some big changes in the current development code, so I don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of time improving the documentation for what will soon be a “legacy version”. The biggest difference is that the project format becomes a single file rather than an AUP and _data. There’s some information about this in the alpha-manual:

I’d suggest that you familiarise yourself with building the current development code first, then I’ll introduce you to James. He’s done most of the recent editing of that wiki page and I expect he’ll be happy for someone else to take that over. I think he’s also able to create wiki editor accounts.

A couple of useful resources for everyone working on Audacity documentation:

I’ll take a look at the 3.x build process so I can at least have some clue what’s going on.

The style guides seem reasonable, thanks for that.