Continuously Record to only save the last XX minutes (idea/feature request)

The idea comes from using Nvidia Shadow play: you have a feature called Instant Replay that continuously records video (and microphone if you want) and only saves the last XX minutes of the video recording when you hit a key combination, and it automatically saves those last minutes while recording from a new point until it accumulates XX minutes and only those last minutes. This can be useful for example when you are recording your voice for a song or instrument practice, but do not want to waste time into “stop-delete-start again” (all knowing beforehand how long it takes); or record Device audio of a class or listening to a podcast (Like quick save of a question of your interest and then the answer or the recap of a long answer).
In my case, Nvidia Shadow Play screws up the mic recording mixed with the video and is not may fault, did all the possible settings check and it is only Shadow play. So in case something like that happens and someone has to wait for an update, Audacity can save the day!
Thanks for reading! (i don’t know programming or coding so I can’t do this if it’s an easy stuff to implement like a plugin; nor do I saw a feature, plugin like this in here or in my google search)