continuously adding labels

windows 7

is there a way to continuously add labels while playing an audio?
my objective is to analyze a song.

so let’s say i start a song, and i add the first label “intro”. i know i can do this by

  1. have the cursor at track start
  2. hit play
  3. hit ] at the end of intro
  4. type “intro”

what i want to do here is now make the cursor move to the end of the label, so that the next time i hit ‘]’ i can mark a new region for the label.
is this possible?

The way that I would do it would be to use “point labels”.
Point labels can be expanded to region labels after you stop playback if you wish.
Point labels can be placed during playback with Ctrl+M (optional: type in label text) then press “Enter” to close the label.