Contant clicking noise help

I have an audio file from a recorded skype call where there’s a constant clicking noise that I can’t seem to remove. I’ve tried a few things already but I was wondering if anyone had a way to solve it. Here’s what the waveform looks like

What’s the period of the clicks? About three to four seconds?


You could also have feedback. How are you recording the Skype? That’s not easy. Koz

It was recorded using Pamela, and unfortunately it seems like it was interference on the other person’s side. I only wish it were something like every 3-4 seconds but after zooming in, I can see it happens about ever .25 seconds.

I may know what that is. That’s the damage you get when you’re trying to send a USB microphone through a USB hub. The data pathways clash and create sound problems. USB Microphones always take a home run to the computer. Of course, he will never know any of this is happening, because his damage only shows up at the other end.

This is the curse of cellphones and internet communication/conferencing. I’ve been known to record a segment of the damage and mail it to the performer. “This is what you sound like, dude.”


Yeah, unfortunately I’ve seen quality be subpar many times before, but this is something new. My main concern is would this file be salvageable or will I just have to scrap it?