Constantly increasing audio/video lag since installing Audacity


Linux Mint 21. AMD Ryzen 5 5500. 32GB RAM. AMD Radeon 5700 XT. Soundblaster Audigy RX PCIe.

I never had this issue with my old computer (Mint 19, built-in audio), but on the new one, I installed Audigy last night (2.4.2 from Mint’s repository) and since then, there’s a constantly increasing lag between video and audio. It only goes away once I kill pulseaudio, but then it comes back and keeps getting longer and longer.

I’m using this video to test: (an mp4 version of this file can be downloaded from ).

12 hours ago, I killed pulseaudio, which led to no lag when I tested. Now I have a 1 second lag.

Needless to say, this is incredibly aggravating.

Any ideas?

constantly increasing lag between video and audio.

Who’s ahead? Writing a complaint is something of an art forum. We assume the sound is late, but you never say that.

Delays can be a little magic. If you have a constant speed error, it will appear that the error is getting worse and worse, but in fact, it’s just that the longer you wait, the further apart the two events are.

Do you have a sample rate error? As a bad example, if the picture is running at 44100 and the sound is presenting at 48000, the sound will be running slow and sync will appear to get worse and worse, but isn’t really. That’s just what a speed error looks like.

You could have something broken and the sound service is occasionally dropping bits. That usually throws an error; that’s pretty serious, but not always.


Hi, thanks for chiming in.

You’re right. I failed to indicate that the audio is lagging behind. I removed audacity about 2 hours ago and looking at the above mp4 shows that audio is 500ms behind the video.

I’m about to go into timeshift and restore the computer to its state before I installed audacity.

Did the timeshift and restored the computer to a pre-audacity state and the lag (audio after video) was gone, but only until I tested the appimage version of audacity. About 10 minutes after having audacity open, the lag reappeared and kept increasing.

Closing audacity and restarting pulseaudio reset the lag (no lag), but it reappeared even after having closed audacity.

Last night I rebooted the computer and haven’t opened audacity, and there’s no lag so far.

So far my only working theory is that installing audacity didn’t break anything, but once I use the program, it does break something.

My plan today is to stick with ocenaudio for my needs and see if the lag reappears.

I’ll report again tonight.


It’s been about a month since I removed audacity from my computer and have been using Ocenaudio with no lag issues, but I really want to use pulsaudio.

I just reinstalled the version from the repositories (2.4.2) and after using it for a few minutes I’m already seeing the damn lag again, so it’s definitely audacity.

I’m really frustrated by this (the understatement of the year). Could someone please help me diagnose what might be causing this?


Once I run audacity, the lag not only comes back, but even after closing it, it keeps increasing and the only way to stop this madness is to reboot the computer.

Restarting pulse just resets the lag to 0 but then it keeps increasing.

If anyone know where else I can bring this to the attention of the developers, that would be great, since by now it’s obvious that they don’t give a crap about this forum.



Filed a bug report, but I’m not holding my breath. Pity.