Consistent lagging on multiple devices

Hi, I manage a computer lab - and most of our machines are running Audacity 3.5.1 with FFMPEG installed additionally. Over the last few days, we’ve been getting user reports regarding the GUI constantly lagging, and on a few occasions, causing the actual machine to BSOD (with Critical Error Stopped).

Audacity + FFMPEG are currently deployed via MS Intune as INTUNEWIN files. We’ve also deployed a custom CFG file (to %appdata% per user), the only variable this contains is for disabling update.

Help would be most welcomed!!

I bet this didn’t happen under Audacity 3.4.2. I’m searching for the event that might have caused the problem. I see your note that you actively prevent, we assume, Windows Updates. It may not be the worst idea to refuse Audacity updates, too.

If we don’t find such an event, then we need to wait for someone with that exact number of machines under those exact conditions to post with help. You see the problem?

I wouldn’t complain if you broke the system down into manageable chunks and analyzed each chunk rather than walking into the room cold and trying to fix everything all at once.


The complaint “feels like” other forum complaints from people with much smaller systems, but freshly running 3.5.1.

What did you update from? Which OS are the machines running? Do your systems connect to the outside internet?


Updated from 3.4.2, funnily enough…. we have Audacity updates disabled so it was done via MS Intune (about a week ago) and machines are running Win11 Pro 23H2 (updates also disabled, we manually push them out to devices every few months, last update was pushed out a while ago so wouldn’t have caused this). They’re all networked too.

You may have hit it. The 3.5.1 update is a stalking tiger. Everything seems to work OK for a while and then it starts to exhibit resource and capacity problems.

I believe this was the update that was supposed to start addressing the instabilities that classic Audacity had using any drive other than the internal one.

So I would back out to 3.4.2.